This is a 20 second space in the song where notes do not appear. In addition, a player may press arrows to their own content without an Oops penalty.

Freestyles appear randomly throughout a song with at least 20 seconds in between each other, and 30 seconds from the start of the song and 50 from the end of the song.

Freestyles appear in quantities depending on the length of the song.

  • No freestyles will appear if the song is under 90 seconds in length
  • One freestyle will appear if the song is between 1:30 and 3:04 in length
  • Two freestyles will appear if the song is 3:05 or longer (cannot exceed 10 minutes)

The optimal setup for a song is one freestyle from a song of between 2:50 and 3:04 length (2:44 maximum in note playtime i.e. 3:04 minus 20 seconds) compared to two freestyles (2:30 in note playtime i.e. 3:10 minus 40 seconds).

Glitches Edit

A bug can occur in a song where a third freestyle can appear (even after a freestyle has occurred) resulting in a section of the song that is completely blank for a time (even if a freestyle is not signalled). Here is an example of a song with a Freestyle bug. It is very obvious after the first freestyle.